Guiding and Discipling People to Jesus
Guiding and Discipling People to Jesus

How to Study the Bible

I. Observe: What do I see?
            1. Read the passage with care
                        a. read repeatedly
                        b. read thoughtfully
                        c. read patiently
            2. Record initial impressions
            3. Record major facts
                        a. Who?
                        b. What?
                        c. When?
                        d. Where?
II. Interpret: What does it mean?
            1. Some principles of interpretation:
                        a. Let scripture interpret scripture
                        b. Interpret the Bible literally
                        c. Interpret the Bible grammatically
                        d. Interpret within the historical setting
            2. Why was it originally written?
                        a. The reader’s needs
                        b. The writer's message
III. Apply: How should I respond?
            1. Know yourself
                        a. Be honest
                          I know that I struggle with…
                          I have gone through this in my past…
            2. Relate the passage to life
                        a. Write brief statements of universal  
                             truth that apply to you
                        b. Determine if the principle is timeless
                             and universal