Guiding and Discipling People to Jesus
Guiding and Discipling People to Jesus

Why join a Small Group?


Grace West Small Groups exist to prepare you to fulfill your real purpose in life. What is the real purpose of this life? It’s not what you think. Most people will live this life, die with no eternal value and end up spending an eternity in hell instead of heaven. Why? Because they have never been told the real truth about the purpose of this life God has given them.


Grace West Small Groups are not just another ministry that exists to fill up your already busy life. They’re not meant to get you to “feel good” about yourself or think it’s all about you. They’re not meant to get you into a group of people that will take care of all your needs all the time nor are they to get you to believe the Christian life is full of prosperity and happy times without any problems and difficulties. We experience the purpose for our lives as we live out the top four priorities listed in the following section.



Top Priorities of Life


Grace West Small Groups will present truth regardless of what is politically correct. They are simply designed to prepare you to meet Jesus face to face at the end of your life and to be confident and excited to give an account for your life and to receive your eternal inheritance. Our goal is to help you take personal responsibility and to fulfill the work God has given you to do in this life of which He will ask if you have done that work.


How is this achieved? Most everyone, including good Bible believing Christians are confused about their priorities and responsibilities. Churches, para-church organizations and other ministries have driven people away from the top four priorities and expectations God has for every human being. While most of these things are good, they are not at the top of the list. If we would accept the commands Jesus gave us and learn to live out these four priorities, then everything else would fall into place. The problem we have is very few places are willing to put forth these four priorities because they are too much work and will most likely not fit well with people.


What are these four top priorities of life?


1)    Become a believer in Christ

2)    Become a follower of Christ

3)    Become a discipleship maker for Christ

4)    Become determined to finish your life through Christ


Notice the progression? Grace West Small Groups will not disappoint you. They will equip you, challenge you and prepare you for eternal success. Most Christians have never led someone to a saving knowledge of Christ. We will teach you how. Most believers have never

learned how to follow Christ by hearing His voice through His Word, prayer and the observance of

other saints. They love to listen to man instead. We will provide guidance on how to follow Christ and help you grow in your faith. Most believers have never made a disciple. We will walk with you and equip you for this task. Most Christians are weak finishers of the faith and give up because of fear or it’s too hard to stay the course. Others who think they are believers give up, which proves they never really were followers of Christ. We will provide stability by accountability and help you live your life to the fullest potential of which God has called you.


Grace West Small Groups are not like any other. They are truthful and difficult, but necessary for victory. Learning how to apply these four priorities to your life will fulfill you. You were made for a purpose and that purpose belongs to God. Don’t be ignorant, God will not be mocked. You will reap what you sow. Join a group and begin the process of living a fulfilled life. Become what God has called you to be and be ready when He calls your name.


Grace West offers a wide variety of small groups throughout the week.  Please contact the church office at (515) 267-9094 to find out more about the small groups they offer.