Guiding and Discipling People to Jesus
Guiding and Discipling People to Jesus

T&T Rewards - Discovery of Grace














Psalm 119.11 tells us what we are to do with God’s Word. It’s okay to have fun while we learn about HIM. So the T&T’rs are going to have a chance to earn a special treat – twice a year. Here are the rules:

Discovery of Grace Handbook Points:
Start Zone – 2 sections 20 pts each=40 pts
Books – 30 sections for 20 pts each section = 600 pts total each book
Gold & Silver sections – 52 extra credit sections each 25pts = 1300 pts
Complete Book = 100 pts
Total Handbook Points: 2040

Optional Points: (First 4 items are easy to earn, just have to remember!)

Being Present = 5pts
Bring Bible = 5pts
Bring Handbook = 5pts
Wear Uniform = 5pts

Bring a Friend = 30pts

Awana Bible Quiz = 100 pts


The point totals are very attainable to all!  One section a night, bring your book, Bible, and wear your uniform – you’ll be a DOUBLE WINNER!

Session One

Earn 500 total points by January 1, 2020, to join us for a Pizza Party

Session Two

Earn 1200 total points by May 13, 2020, to earn a $10.00 bill

Most importantly, you’re becoming wiser because you’re hiding God’s Word in your heart!