Guiding and Discipling People to Jesus
Guiding and Discipling People to Jesus

AWANA Theme Nights



Sept:  God’s Team (Favorite Team)

Come dressed in your favorite sports team’s colors and/or attire!


Oct:  Jesus is My Life Saver (Favorite Color)

Come dressed in your favorite color!


Nov:  Count your Blessings (Layers)

Wear as many layers of clothing as you possible can and we will count them with you!


Dec:  Christmas Celebration (Happy Birthday Jesus!)

We will celebrate Christmas: the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ!


Jan:  Let Your Light Shine (Flashlights)

Bring your flashlights and get ready to have some fun in the dark!


Feb:  God’s Love (Valentine Party)

We will celebrate God’s love!  (Feel free to bring cards and/or treats to share with your class.)


March:  Going Backwards? (Everything Backwards)

Everything about the night is done backwards…schedule…walking…etc.!   (We especially like wearing our clothes backwards!)


April:  Easter Celebration (Christ has Risen!)

We will celebrate Easter: the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ!


April:  Visitation (Visit New Year’s Club)

Clubbers who are moving up in the fall visit next year’s club!


May:  Grand Prix Race

Clubbers may enter and race Grand Prix cars that they created!