Guiding and Discipling People to Jesus
Guiding and Discipling People to Jesus

Honoring the Gospel in America

What is happening in America today?

Evil (anything against God’s authority or standard) is growing and the Gospel (good news of Jesus Christ and the light to the world) is being diminished. The Gospel is the only counter to evil.


Why is evil growing?

Several reasons, but the root is the (absolute truths) of God are being chipped away by the lies (relative truth) of evil. God’s truths are being eroded away daily. Lucifer, the bright morning star, went against both God’s authority and His standard. That was the start and root of all evil. Lucifer, now known as Satan, continues to try and get people to not follow God’s authority or standard for humanity.


Where is this evil growing?

Our local, state and federal governments continue to pass laws and ordnances that are going against God’s standard for humanity. Also, many religious groups continue to jump on these issues and side with the culture instead of the creator. Education is no different. Many places…many times. It’s catching up. It’s in your own hometown all across America and the world.


When is evil happening?

Evil happens anytime a decision is made without it conforming to God’s Standard. It could be during a school board meeting, city counsel meeting, court room decision, state decision, religious meeting…Hollywood and the likes. It’s happening everyday and all around us.

Who can make a difference?

People who really are followers of Christ and under the influence of the Holy Spirit can make a difference. The only solution to combat evil is a healthy dose of reality “…and by the fear of the LORD one turns away from evil.” Prov. 16:6 Modern psychology will tell you the solution to cure evil is to correct the situations and environments; God tells us the only solution is to fear the LORD. Who do you believe?


How can YOU make a difference?

Make a decision to do something about it right where you are. Could be at work, could be at school, could be the gym…doesn’t matter where…it could be anywhere at anytime. Question is…are you willing to make a difference?


What if?

  •  True believers of Christ would take the commission given us and began to pray for the Lord to “send workers out” into the harvest?
  •  True believers were really honest in evaluating the current situation in America and stopped pretending even so called “small” evil decisions being made don’t really impact America?
  •  True believers would rise up and “come out of the closet” in unity and join together in our core beliefs to advance the Gospel in America by multiplication of followers of Christ?
  •  A “few good men” could be trained in each community in America to Honor the Gospel and grow that group by training other men to train other men to train other men?
  •  We had a starting point…a beachhead if you will…to start this movement of the Holy Spirit?
  •  You began today praying…seeking God’s direction for you…to take a stand and “Honor the Gospel in America” right where you live? Would you?


Where do we start?

Can you imagine what could take place if a small group of people would rise up in every community under the banner of Christ and the direction of His Holy Spirit for the sole purpose of “Honoring the Gospel in America?”


Can you imagine what could take place in your community if a “band of brothers” would join together. Passing this on to others who could stand together in each and every meeting that took place in your community to make sure decisions and laws being passed would reflect the Gospel?


I believe if we don’t start somewhere, America as we know it is doomed. No body of authority outside the authority of Christ is going to fix America. God has given all authority “in heaven and earth” to Christ. We have a choice to make. Do nothing and pass on to your children a very troubling time for them. Or, do something and stand with honor before Christ at your life’s end and hear the words “well done you good and faithful servant.”


Evil is notonlygoing against God’s authority, but it’s going against His standard too. America is headed down a dark path if we continue the direction we are headed. However, I believe we can make a difference bydoingsomething different! What we are currently doing is not working. Let’s go back to the Bible and make disciples who will multiply themselves and build a band of brothers and sisters who will choose to “Honor the Gospel in America.”




Pastor Bob Deever

Grace West Church