Guiding and Discipling People to Jesus
Guiding and Discipling People to Jesus

Years ago, as a junior high student, on our walls in the school was a plaque of the 10 Commandments. You know them…don’t lie, don’t steal don’t use God’s name in vain and so on. Everyday of my school year I would walk in the halls and see those 10 Commandments and I knew in my heart I had broken most of them…on a regular basis.


I had heard about God, the 10 Commandments, the bible and Jesus dying on the Cross. Big deal…what’s it to me. To me God just did all that stuff and it didn’t matter to me. I was living my live and that was all that mattered…who cared about God.


What I could not explain is why I felt empty, from an eternal perspective, and why it bothered me so much every time I would see those commandments from God if I didn’t care. Also, if eternity didn’t matter, then why did I fear death and the unknown of the afterlife? Why did I think about eternity if there was no such thing? In addition, why couldn’t I explain my purpose in life that fulfilled me if being able to do what I wanted was all that mattered?


So, like most people I suppressed all those thoughts and continued to live my life for me. However, every time I would lie, steal something, look at women with lust, or use God’s name in vain I was troubled in my soul. Why? I was actually going against my conscience every time I broke one of God’s Commandments. What do you call a person who tells a lie? Liar! So, in my conscience I knew I was doomed but didn’t want to admit it. And, as time when on, I just kept adding to my conscience and the weight continued to drag me down. Life became less than fulfilling and the emptiness became darker.


And then it happened. Married now, with two kids, a great job and everything I could want in life I was still feeling empty and alone inside. Then I overheard a conversation between two people who were talking about how their life was the same as I have described. They both told me their story and how really understanding why the 10 Commandments were given and how empty we are because we all break them. Then they told me we each will have a face to face encounter with God at the end of our life when we die. And, unless I was right with God, I should fear death. This was God’s way of helping me see the need for the blood of His Son, Jesus, to make me right with Him before I died.


I asked them to help me understand all this. Here it is in a nutshell. I broke Gods’ law and that made me guilty in God’s eyes and His court. I was doomed on the Day of Judgment. That concerned me and I was afraid to die and face death. Understanding that I was a liar, thief and general law breaker from God’s perspective gave me hope in knowing why my heart was heavy all the time. Even though I rarely broke any of His laws recently, I had come to know those fines were still on the books. Remember, even breaking one of God’s 10 Commandments…even one time, gave God the right to judge me guilty on that day. Unless someone pays that fine I will face an eternity in hell, which is the place of His wrath. This is why Jesus died on the cross…to pay the fine for my penalty of breaking God’s law and to make me right with God. It’s that simple.


I had to think of it this way: If I were to break the laws in our society and don’t have the money to pay the fine, I stay in jail and don’t get out. Same with God! I break His laws and don’t have the ability to pay the fine required to get out from under His wrath. That is why Jesus died on the cross. His blood is the only payment God will take for the judgment I was to face because of breaking His law. This means I must come to the awareness that I:


1)      Was sinful. Breaking just one law meant I would face the wrath of God on judgment day.

2)      Aware of my consequence because my conscience knew I was guilty.

3)      Understand I was to face God on judgment day and be found guilty without anyway to pay my fine.

4)      Repent, which means to turn my life around and admit to God I didn’t want to face His wrath, but wanted to face His love.

5)      Ask the blood of Christ to cleanse me of my sins.

6)      Committed my life to focusing on Christ, following Christ and being faithful to Christ. Why? Gratitude to Jesus for paying my fine which freed me from an eternity of hell.

7)      Determination to finish my life on this earth learning to being obedient to growing into the mind of Christ.


There…my story. How about you?


Maybe your thinking all ways lead to heaven and Jesus is just one more way. I thought that too. If that is the case what would you do if this were to happen?


Suppose, as a father, the whole world became infected with a virus that would kill every human being alive, including you, your wife, your daughters and all other people in the world. The World Health Organization put out to every household in the world the pending doom. No one was immune and everyone was showing signs of the virus. Time was running out and it seemed hopeless, with the exception of your one and only son. For whatever reason, your son not only was not affected, but the World Health Organization found out the blood of your son was the antidote to the virus that everyone else was infected with. They further discovered, with your permission, they could drain the blood of your son, which would cost him is life; develop a cure for the virus and save the people.


What would you do? I’ve presented this to many people and I hear the same thing again and again. Reluctantly they would give up their son to save the life of your wife, daughters, family and all the rest of the world. That my friend is what God did for us.


Now, just think of this. If there were other ways other than the blood of Christ to get you into heaven, then why would God give up His one and only Son to die on the Cross for our sins? I mean, if jumping in water would cure the virus that killed people, would you give up your son to die and have his blood developed into a shot as just “another way” to be cured? I don’t think so. Why? Because you are not stupid and neither is God.


In short, you and I are going to be dead a lot longer than we will be alive. Jesus died for your sins and He will make the payment to God for you if you turn to Him. Yes, He died for the sins of the world, which means anyone can come to His for payment. It’s not a blank check that everyone is good with God no matter how they live; rather, each person must come to Him on an individual basis. My friend this is my testimony. It’s my story and I share it with you in the hopes you will ponder your life, your purpose and your destiny and come to the same conclusion I did…a personal acceptance in the shed blood of Jesus Christ for fulfillment, security in death, and confidence that when you stand before God you will not be found guilty. That you be found faithful and enjoy an eternity without any more pain, suffering, heartache, emptiness, loneliness, or worries ever again.


Please fee free to call me with any question you may have and I will do my best to help you understand these truths as those two men helped me several years ago.


For the cause of Christ,


Bob Deever